We a driven by curiosity and experimentation. We observe the complexities of our world to develop local solutions with global influence.

elevations and facade systems

Cross sections are the parts we obtain cutting straight through the building, exposing both the interior and the constructive system.

starchitecture and cityscape

The world’s increasing urban population signifies that the inhabitants’ penchant for rural areas has surpassed. The rural population started to decrease since the 1950s. Urban areas are now becoming dense and compacted in character as people from all walks of life move in. Mass migrations require a plethora of housing and economic opportunities for the […]

urban design

By urban design ‒ unlike urbanism and architecture ‒ we conceive the discipline designing spaces and public areas which define the urban fabrics ‒ such as city squares, streets, parks and other elements that circumscribe the environmental character of a city.

construction systems

Detailing the building construction system is a design process in which we specify the placement and assembly of the materials necessary for the project.

sustainable natural ventilation

Sustainable design is not complete without natural ventilation. Rather than using mechanical means, fresh air is supplied into the indoor spaces and removed through a differential in temperature and wind forces. Natural ventilation aids in the cooling loads of the building’s total energy use and has an overall impact on the return on investment.

city roots

From the time London opened the first subway system in the mid-eighteenth century, the subterranean has become the place to locate the infrastructures that the traditional city wasn’t able to accommodate on the surface. The increasing density above ground level results in a system of voids underneath that includes sewage and water supply systems, electric […]

time spent on project development: a future-proof investment

Time and design are both mutually exclusive terms that are often drifted apart in the fast-paced landscape of today’s architecture industry. It’s a question related to the technological revolution, and the impact of such quickly derived outcomes is setting unexpectedly high expectations from clients.

precast concrete advantages

Back in the ancient times, Romans pioneered and extended the use of precast concrete, but this architectural and engineering feat in building technology is far from over. Advanced innovations in precast concrete paved the way for faster design and construction timeline.

net-zero waste in construction

Landfills are filling up incessantly, and the construction sector is accountable for 40% of the waste. The waste generated in the life-cycle of a building accounts not only from the construction itself but more so on the phases of design, operation and demolition.

handover and as-built documentation

The handover and as-built documentation include drawing up plans and documents reflecting the project’s construction status, which may be used for maintenance operations or as a reference point for further interventions.

key elements of the contemporary urban language

Historical partisans list homogeneity as the primary consideration in urban conservation criteria. Architecture and urban planning, in relation to the human context, is not static, it is always changing and evolving as it grows.

lecture at the Global Pioneer design forum

AQSO was invited to participate at the Global Pioneer Design forum organised by the Galaxy arts centre and 5cats editors in Shenzhen, China, last May 26.

contract administration

In addition to the Faculty Management determined by the local regulations, project management coordinates the agents involved in the works not directly dependent from the main contractor.

unmade in China

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the people’s urbanism

structural systems

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architecture without context

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identities in comparison

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statutory approvals

the value of psychology on architecture

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the illusion of weightless architecture

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brief development

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Lisbon Architecture Triennale

Harvest Home awarded by the IaaC

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the power of a concept

interdisciplinary is not multidisciplinary

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communicating design with 3D prints

building services

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the value of unconventional thought

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right size

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GFRC, the lightweight concrete

analysing the customer journey

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quantity survey and cost plan

building products for sustainable design

massing study

striking ship-like hotel proposed as new Shoreditch landmark

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singular concepts

architecture against noise

AQSO launches urban research Hutopolis

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