AQSO arquitectos office. Building with undulating concrete roofs and winding walls of wooden slats. The pedestrian walkway leading to the marina has bamboo gardens.

This Performing Art Complex is a stunning project dedicated to the promotion of Pop Music. Arising along the charming waterfront of Kaohsiung, its formal arrangement helps it become one with the landscape.

Luis Aguirre
Graham Baldwin
Sergio Blanco
Giannantonio Bongiorno
Marta Martínez Méndez
James Tendayi Matsuku
Pedro Rey Antón
Xiao Pu Liu

Building area: 70900 sqm
Location: Kaoshiung (Taiwan)
Client: City Council Government

AQSO arquitectos office. The bird's eye view of the performing arts complex shows the radial layout of the master plan, with buildings with undulating roofs in a radial arrangement around the marina.

This complex is organized around the port of Kaohsiung (Taiwan). The plot’s distribution outlines a characteristic scheme in which the buildings, grouped according to their functions, are embraced along the U-shaped harbour. A pedestrian walkway connects these clusters, which rise as elements of the marine landscape, always facing the sea.

AQSO arquitectos office. Cafeteria of the Performing Arts Centre. The undulating façade is formed by twisted wooden slats that form a dynamic and protective skin.

The central section of the complex hosts the group of auditoriums. Its dominant position is linked to the dense urban fabric behind. Each auditorium is conceived as a separate building, accessible with a dual circulation: one that connects the whole site along the perimeter, and the one that allows an access from the city, through several radial streets.

AQSO arquitectos office. The floor plan of the performing arts centre shows how the auditorium and rehearsal hall buildings surround the Kaoshiung Sea Bay.

The project is conceived as a fusion with the urban and marine landscape; a continuous skin permeable to the city and the waterfront. Each building is topped by an undulating roof, and enclosed by structural louvers and groups of vegetation.