This residential building is defined by a continuous volume snaking around two semipublic courtyards. Its height adapts to the different conditions of the plot to combine a domestic and urban appearance.

Luis Aguirre
Marian Albarrán
Sergio Blanco
Benjamin Claeys
Ruan Dan
Victoria González
Diego Linares

Site area: 9814 sqm
Gross Floor Area: 49154 sqm
Location: Casablanca, Morocco
Client: Nokta Group

AQSO anfa residential ground floor plan with landscape, pavements and water pond

The project is located on the east side of Anfa district, a downtown historic area in the vicinity of an old airport to be demolished.
The plot is situated between the Gran Theatre boulevard and a residential area composed of low buildings and an urban park.

AQSO anfa residential view from couryard and cantilevered volume
AQSO anfa residential, floor plan, residential units, apartments, technical drawing, developed design

The scheme is solved conceptually as a continuous block aligned to the surrounding streets and wrapping around two big ‘riads’. This simple gesture is further defined by the particular context of each side of the site in a way that the different height of the elevation become a contemporary and expressive form to which the roof is formed by staircase shaped green terraces.

AQSO anfa residential view from courtyard and protruding balconies
AQSO anfa residential floor plans, apartments and roof terraces

In this way, the building grows to offer an urban character towards the boulevard and reduces its scale to the opposite side. The upward volume allows the apartments to enjoy the view of the park.

AQSO anfa residential semipublic street and lattice sliding pannels
AQSO anfa residencial elevations, sloping facades and basements

The building façade turns into two different strategies: the exterior skin facing the most public context becomes an introverted and formal element while the interior one facing the private courtyards becomes extrovert and domestic.

AQSO anfa residential night view, sunset casablanca
AQSO anfa residential unfolded elevation, ortographic projection, facades, undulating skyline and cityscape

The first one is made by long balconies enclosed by sliding latticework panels and the second one is just a white and plain surface only interrupted by long windows and big protruding balconies. These elements arranged in an irregular order are hanged on the wall like flowerpots in an Andalusian patio. The building block is also perforated through big openings working as green terraces and allowing good ventilation and views.

AQSO anfa residential view from terrace, green roof and wooden deck
AQSO anfa residential units, four and five rooms apartments, layout floor plan

On the semipublic areas, the landscape is treated with an organic layout combining cobbled paving pathways, water features and native vegetation of trees and low-maintenance plants.

AQSO anfa residential units, four and five rooms apartments, layout floor plan

The complex is composed of different residential typologies ranging from 70 to 160 sqm. The apartments follow a 6x3 meters module in which grid are arranged the different rooms. There are five unit types and different subtypes depending on the orientation and geometry.