AQSO arquitectos office, anfa residential night view from the main boulevard, the iconic zig-zag skyline is seen with the morning light. The memorable architectural design stands out from the rest of the district

Connecting Riads suggestively coils around two semi-public courtyards in a characteristic snake-like volume. A waving height variation, throughout the roof’s plane, also contributes to the impression of a three-dimensional coiling movement, endowing this large complex with a surprisingly lithe and light quality.

Luis Aguirre
Marian Albarrán
Sergio Blanco
Razvan Brezoianu
Benjamin Claeys
Ruan Dan
Victoria González
Diego Linares

Site area: 9814 sqm
Gross Floor Area: 49154 sqm
Location: Casablanca, Morocco
Client: Nokta Group

aqso arquitectos office, concept diagram for the housing project in Morocco. The building massing morphs to adapt to the site conditions enclosing two big courtyards and transforming the city skyline

Connecting Riads arises in the east side of Anfa district, a downtown historic zone of Casablanca. The plot occupies a lively and sparkling area, situated between the Gran Theatre Boulevard and a residential neighbourhood.

AQSO arquitectos office. Back-lighted architectural model of the residential complex where the zig-zag volume, the terraces and the courtyards can be appreciated.
AQSO arquitectos office, anfa residential ground floor plan with landscape, pavements and water pond on the left and typical floor plan with apartments layout on the right

The conceptual structure develops as a continuous block aligned to the surrounding streets and coiling around two large courtyards.

AQSO arquitectos office, anfa residential view from courtyard with tropical vegetation and the cantilevered volume, amazing balconies and big building openings.
aqso arquitectos office, detail of the external building facade, where the Moroccan-inspired lattice of the sliding panels screens on metal rails protects from the sun the generous balconies facing the boulevard.

This dynamic gesture is further implemented by the local context of each side, in which the roof’s height rises or falls with the illusion of waving crests, or alive snaking green terraces.

AQSO arquitectos office, anfa residential view from courtyard and protruding balconies, garden and building skyline in the background
AQSO arquitectos office. Superior floor plan layouts, landscape design surrounded by flat blocks. Technical drawing.

The complex grows high in the section confronting the urban character of the Boulevard, while it reduces its scale when facing the low, residential neighbourhood. Those higher apartments, in particular, allow an amazing view of the park.

AQSO arquitectos office, anfa residential, the front elevation of the building with Moroccan-inspired lattice sliding panels creates an ever-changing skin.
AQSO arquitectos office. The exterior elevations show a unique pattern formed by the long balconies and the sliding panels that protect them from the sun.

Showcasing a complex character, the façade wears two different looks: the exterior skin, towards the public surroundings, is a sober and formal element, while the interior face, towards the courtyards, becomes exuberant and homely.

aqso arquitectos office. The simple and elegant design of the facade combines long balconies protected with timber screens with massive openings for outdoor areas, light and ventilation.
AQSO arquitectos office. anfa residential unfolded elevation, ortographic projection, facades, undulating skyline and cityscape

The external façade presents a series of long balconies, peculiarly enclosed by sliding, latticework panels.

aqso arquitectos office, the facade facing the courtyard combines sliding panels on the narrow french windows and protruding balconies with planters. The result is an elegant elevation design.

The internal instead, showcases a plain, white surface, interrupted only by long windows and cubic, protruding balconies. Arranged with an irregular order, these elements are positioned on the wall in the same fashion as flowerpots in an Andalusian patio.

AQSO arquitectos office, anfa residential. Amazing view from the top, with the stepped terraces with greenery and the outstanding silhouette of the building. This is the most iconic building in Casabanca.
AQSO arquitectos office. The large homes with four and five bedrooms have an efficient floor plan.

Within the semi-public green areas, the environment is displayed with an organic layout: cobbled pathways combine with water features, native vegetation, trees and low-maintenance plants.

aqso arquitectos office. The landscape design combines tropical species with low-maintenance planting to protect the building and create a fresh and cool environment in both courtyards and public terraces.
AQSO arquitectos office. Floor plans of the flats. Functional spaces, rectangular rooms and flexible modulation.

The complex offers various residential options, with flats ranging from 70 to 160 sqm. Five categories are available, and several subtypes, depending on the apartments’ orientation and rooms composition.

aqso arquitectos office. The top terraces offer outdoor spaces with seating areas, dinning tables and sun beds. The living room counts with big sliding glazing panels that open to the terrace with timber deck.
aqso arquitectos office, a series of big openings perforate the building liberating space for common landscaped areas with amazing views. Timber deck flooring and tropical vegetation.

On the big perforation of the blocks there are communal gardens and seating areas enjoying both the view of the boulevard and the inner courtyards.