Starting from a traditional house scheme, the building extends to incorporate the landscape and to enclose a courtyard. The building is arranged into two blocks, resting one on top of the other. The façade, made of mobile louvers enabling the landscape to be viewed from the inside, controls both the interior light and the privacy.

Luis Aguirre
Miguel Angel Santamaria

Building area: 232 sqm
Location: Galway, Ireland
Client: Private

AQSO Burke house, drawings, construction, dimensions, distribution plans, roof plan

The existing building extends to the east side, to incorporate a bigger living room, an extra bedroom and a study upstairs. In contrast with the closed geometry of the existing volume, the rear of the house becomes a light concrete skin enclosing a new façade totally open to the backyard.

Burke house, aqso, diagram, volumes, concept, axonometric, overlap, courtyard

The arrangement of the spaces and the interior circulation are solved with a simple approach. The daytime functions are interconnected while the bedroom becomes an independent volume.

AQSO Burke house louver facade night view sunset cozy warm interior
AQSO Burke house physical model

Both elements rely on each other, enhancing the shape of the staircase that connects them and releasing the façade into the garden. The wooden louvres that protect the front façade allow the incidence of the sun to be controlled while making the extension of the house a permeable piece linked with the outside.