Architecture, renovation and art meet in Burke House. Immersed in the stunning countryside of Ireland, a pre-existing building evolves into a modern, lean design. The older house crouches in the front. Two new blocks stretch out in the garden and wrap it within the secret heart of the residence. The result is a wonderful piece of architecture, daringly innovative yet perfectly in harmony with the surrounding landscape.

Luis Aguirre
Miguel Angel Santamaria

Building area: 232 sqm
Location: Galway, Ireland
Client: Private

New and old buildings merge together into a roomy yet intimate area. The resulting arrangement guarantees a creative solution for many issues of domestic space. For instance, the living room joins now the dining room and the kitchen into an amazing, larger daytime unit, ideally designed for the demands of a modern lifestyle.

The new blocks also provide the comfort of intimacy. The bedroom is annexed on the side, with a private, soothing view of the inner courtyard. The studio climbs on top of the new staircase, offering a long, meditative sight of the beautiful surroundings.

AQSO Burke house louver facade night view sunset cozy warm interior

Yet the distinctive, futuristic look of the façade is, perhaps, what enchants the most about Burke House. Wooden louvres cover a wall-like glass-window, allowing a manual control on the natural light, and a definitive immersion with the outside.