AQSO spliced towers, panoramic, wooden facade, stone cladding, retail podium, connecting bridge between buildings, vertical pattern

The Spliced Towers combine a stunning design and a modern concept of a city landscape. This remarkable cluster grows vertically in a graceful consonance with the hilly surroundings. It showcases futuristic yet sober, eco-friendly exteriors, composed of timber and stone plates.

Luis Aguirre
Sergio Blanco
Ruan Dan
Manuel Martínez
James Tendayi Matsuku
Liu Xiao Pu

Ground Floor area: 110000 m2
Location: Guanyuan, China
Client: GP&D and private developer
Engineering and consulting: LKS Ingeniería.

AQSO spliced towers, general elevations and sections

The project arises in Guangyuan, an industrious city of Southwest China, in the Sichuan Province. The master plan is conceived in harmony with the natural-mountainous landscapes and with the modern-urban surroundings. The buildings suggestively expand mostly in vertical over the steep slopes, like artificial peaks, sober and expressive landmarks, thus satisfying the programme requirement of a vast green area.

AQSO spliced towers, facade detail, stone, wood, louvers
AQSO spliced towers, ground floor plan, landscape

The Southern side of the plot has a strong residential character. Here the blocks present a North-South orientation, and a lovely park (with public facilities) grows around them. On the contrary, the Northern side is designed to recreate an urban atmosphere. The four main towers proudly sit on top of the commercial podium and establish a dialogue with the rest of the city.

AQSO spliced towers, first floor plan

Overall, the exteriors combine a sober, domestic feel. The use of timber and stone plates makes these surfaces eco-friendly and endows the buildings with an effortlessly natural look. Also, this peculiar composition recreates a beautiful contrast between the wooden brown and the slate grey of the rocks.

AQSO spliced towers, physical model, dark view
AQSO spliced towers, axonometric view, diagram, facade types, residential blocks

The residential blocks stand out for their floor slabs: prominent horizontal elements containing a permeable skin of sliding louvres. In contrast, the vertical and monolithic presence of the towers is reinforced by the irregular wood and stone cladding.

AQSO spliced towers, landscape, channel, retail space
AQSO spliced towers, towers type units and facade, axonometric view

The green areas allow a flexible and organic circulation. Several types of roads spread out from the centre of the complex, connecting the different entrance points and emphasizing the elastic layout of the landscape. The green spaces in between are designed with various species of vegetation, depending on their use and on the aesthetics of the surroundings.