AQSO arquitectos office. The elongated skylight that opens up the roof along the stone wall emphasises the texture of the slate masonry and contrasts with the black painted wall.

Black and white, rough and smooth: Bolaños house is a minimalist balance of complementary opposites. The interior design is characterised by a simple arrangement of spaces, a sleek use of shapes, and the powerful interplay of contrasts.

Sergio Blanco
Carlos Martín

Location: Valladolid, Spain
Ground Floor Area: 150 sqm
Client: Private

AQSO arquitectos office. The interior of the living room has a black natural stone wall illuminated by a skylight. The dining table is surrounded by stackable chairs designed by Vener Panton.

The project is located in a residential area on the outskirts of Valladolid, surrounded by a plain landscape. The intervention employs simple materials to re-define and style three visually connected spaces: an entrance lobby, a dining area and a living room.

AQSO arquitectos office. The house is distributed around the kitchen and the garden. The sloping roof gives more height to the ceiling in the living room and descends towards the bedrooms.
AQSO arquitectos office. The dining room is a transition space to the living room in this open-plan flat. The space is illuminated by the skylight in the ceiling and the large windows facing the garden.

A dark slate wall, whose rough surface is enriched by a light pouring from above, contrasts with the whiteness and smoothness of the surrounding walls.
The use of cool and bright materials, here, seeks to offer a fresh interior, sheltered from the exposed landscape outside.

AQSO arquitectos office. The heart of the house is the living room, lit by large windows and a skylight. The dark walls contrast with the ceiling and the white leather Barcelona armchairs designed by Mies van Der Rohe.
AQSO arquitectos office. The kitchen is separate from the living room and is open to the garden. The modular furniture is minimalist and made of dark natural wood and white lacquered doors.

The light-coloured furniture (such as the Barcelona chairs) and the bright white ceiling also conflict with the dark slate flooring in a complementary balance. The result is a minimalist moulding of space.