analysing the customer journey

Circulation in public buildings is a critical factor to consider in the design process. Flow becomes the emblem of the building’s concept and even shapes its form. In simplistic terms, it is how people move and interact with space.

acoustical design in auditoriums

The high sonic quality of the classical amphitheatres provided the basic acoustic principles of contemporary auditoriums. As technology improves, certain acoustic design principles are augmented. For example, the geometry of the stepped stalls can now be retracted and lifted using air castor technology.

social club completed in Tabuyo

The works for the interior design of this social club in Tabuyo have been recently completed. Characterized by simple materials and indirect lighting, this project comprises a multipurpose room, a dining room, storage, and toilets.

a map of hutopolis

Lisbon Architecture Triennale


prefabricated construction in Anguix

Carola furniture series

singular concepts

(un)made in China

arquia proxima 2012

special mention for atienza hall

opticks magazine #15

possible architecture

plug and play

room 21

panorama #12-2