aqso, bright, casa-cuna, dwelling, elevation, exterior, house, landscape, lorqui, modern, murcia, night-view, spain-2, sunset, villa, wasteland, white-hills

Cuña House is fruit of an innovative conception of space. Beyond its new and sleek design, the allocation of the interiors entails a modern lifestyle. The resulting impression is an endearing sense of freedom.

Luis Aguirre
Sergio Blanco
Ruth Herrero
Manuel Martínez
James Tendayi Matsuku
Andrés Fernández

Location: Lorquí, Spain
GFA: 185 sqm
Client: Private

aqso, bright, casa-cuna, dwelling, elevation, exterior, house, landscape, lorqui, modern, murcia, night-view, spain-2, sunset, villa, wasteland, white-hills

Architecture develops its creations with great attention for the surroundings, and this is no exception. Located in the Spanish town of Lorquí, the house suggestively becomes one with the landscape, evocating the shapes and colours of the Montes Blancos silhouetted in the background.

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The living room is the heart of this spatial liberty. Extending, with a generous double height, on two floors, the liveable area is voluminous. On the first floor, the room is connected to a pantry and a small kitchen, while an elegant staircase without a bannister links the area to a generous mezzanine.

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aqso, big-opening, bright, casa-cuna, counter, dining-room, double-height-space, double-size-fridge, garden, house, light, living-room, open-kitchen, window

The predominant sensation, wandering in the house, is freedom. Everything reinforces the illusion of being in an open space. The omnipresent, bright white suggests the presence of a private Sun somewhere, hiding in the ceiling. The absence of stark boundaries between spaces (mezzanine and living room, first floor and garden) also is a playful invitation to explore and enjoy all the space available.

aqso, casa-cuna, dining-room, double-height-space, extractor, glass-ceramic-hob, interior-balcony, kitchen, kitchen-hood, lacquered-wood, living-room, stainless-steel, travertine-wall
aqso, bathroom, bedroom, casa-cuna, first-floor, ground-floor, house, kitchen, mezzanine, toilet, villa, walk-in-wardrobe

The aesthetics achieves a minimalist kind of beauty, effortless and sleek. The mortar façade, window frames and walls contrast with the hardwood floors and with a cream travertine wall enclosing the entrance door.

against-the-light, aqso, bare, casa-cuna, casting, concrete, detail, exposed, folded-slab, minimal, staircase, stairs
aqso, casa-cuna, elevation, floor-plan, height, house, minimal, modern, section, shadow, simple, sloping-roof, windows

The building concept is also a bundle of simplicity and efficiency. The whole house rests against a structure of concrete slabs and supports, enclosed by honeycomb clay block walls, while the roof is a waterproof, thin, concrete slab protected by a sandwich panel.