key elements of the contemporary urban language

Historical partisans list homogeneity as the primary consideration in urban conservation criteria. Architecture and urban planning, in relation to the human context, is not static, it is always changing and evolving as it grows.

the philosophy of experimental design

Markets work in a simple manner: we design and build products that satisfy the demands of our society. In this age defined by the access to information, users are more aware of what they need and they want. Sustainability, flexibility and creation of value are common requests in any architectural brief these days. Experimentation is […]

boundaries #3

self-fab house

plug and play

construction systems

nature in architecture: choosing the right tree

net-zero waste in construction


sustainable natural ventilation

building services

arquia proxima 2012

using authentic eco-friendly building products

building products for sustainable design

precast concrete advantages

site analysis

city roots

conservation and urban diversity

landscape design

Harvest Home awarded by the IaaC

lighting study

how to use your building

everything under the sun

architecture against noise