nature in architecture: choosing the right tree

The integration of nature and architecture has proven to be extremely vital in preserving the ecological system and improving the quality of life of its occupants. A symbiotic relationship between the two entails landscape designers and architects to design with nature’s evolving patterns.

everything under the sun

Sun studies help us understand not only the behaviour of light over time and its interaction with architecture. This type of approach is essential regardless of the geographical location of the building, not just regarding energy efficiency. The experience of users and their perception of space is determined by the way daylight interacts with the […]

using authentic eco-friendly building products

Advanced technologies in materials engineering continuously pave the way for the manufacturing of synthetic materials. Building typologies which once exhibited natural and organic surface materials are now replaced with composites, plastics and resins. However, specifications on the form, particularly on the façade itself, channel directly into its users the perception, character and function of the […]

self-fab house

conservation and urban diversity

plug and play

construction systems

the philosophy of experimental design

how to use your building

building services

net-zero waste in construction

Harvest Home awarded by the IaaC

site analysis

precast concrete advantages


lighting study

arquia proxima 2012

building products for sustainable design

architecture against noise

sustainable natural ventilation

city roots

key elements of the contemporary urban language