AQSO arquitectos office. The kitchen's extension to the garden provides space for a large living area.

This private residence in the London Borough of Southwark extends to the rear garden to form an elegant and simple volume that blends with the landscape. The new extension is a bright open-plan space illuminated with a series of roof lights.

Luis Aguirre
Razvan Brezoianu
Maria Matea
Diego Linares

Location: London, United Kingdom
GFA: 200 sqm
Client: Private

AQSO arquitectos office. The glazed entrance door illuminates the foyer, which gives access to the dining room and office. The staircase is also a bookcase.

The refurbishment and extension of this Victorian terraced house is the result of a close collaboration with the client to discover the potential of the property. The new architectural language blends with the old building in terms of scale and context and provides a large opening facing the garden.

AQSO arquitectos office. The extension of the house offers a contemporary and elegant look, invading the garden as if it were a sophisticated steel and glass box.
AQSO arquitectos office. The floor plans show the spaces for daytime use on the first floor and those for nighttime use on the upper floor. The extension of the house provides a large living room and an additional bedroom.

The new intersecting volume sits in harmony with the existing ground floor and opens up the landscape to the entrance hall through a well-illuminated space. A series of frameless and hidden skylights, facing the direction of the evening sun, highlight the texture of the old brick wall painted in white.

AQSO arquitectos office. The living room is arranged as an open plan, with a kitchen island in the middle and a roof light along the existing brick wall.
AQSO arquitectos office. The skylight in the living room is achieved by opening up the space between the beams supporting the upper floor. The openings are flared to let in more light.

By removing walls, opening up internal windows and doors and introducing skylights, the refurbished house has a coherent layout on each level enhancing the quality and volume of space. The rear addition becomes a big steel frame, like a flared window that extends the open-plan kitchen, dining and living area, connected through a giant pivoting door.

AQSO arquitectos office. The faƧade towards the garden is framed by a steel flared edge, which also serves to support a large pivoting door.
AQSO arquitectos office. The section of the building shows the spaciousness of the living room, the rooflights and the relationship between the original building and the new extension towards the garden.

The staircase is being transformed into a shelving unit hiding the toilet beneath the steps, combining white and oak pieces of timber. The visual connection of all the rooms and the translucent glass of the entrance door bring sufficient natural light into the ground floor.

AQSO arquitectos office. From the dining room you can see the back garden of the house, separated by the threshold of the door. The open floor plan allows a visual connection between all the spaces.
AQSO arquitectos office. The unique design of the stairs provides a bookcase in front of the dining room and conceals a small toilet under the steps.

The interior fixtures, fittings and materials create a minimal and warm atmosphere, reinforcing the sense of connection between the living room and the garden.