Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon, with small amounts of other elements such as manganese, phosphorus, and sulfur. It is a strong, durable, and flexible material that is widely used in construction and other applications.

Steel is a vital construction material that has played a crucial role in the evolution of modern architecture. As an extremely strong and durable material, steel has allowed for the construction of tall and complex buildings that have helped to shape the skylines of many modern cities around the world. It contributed to the development of specific architectural styles, such as the Art Deco and International styles.
The use of steel reinforced concrete has significantly changed the way that buildings are constructed and has had a major impact on the evolution of architecture.

Steel is also highly flexible, which allows it to be used in the construction of buildings with complex shapes and designs and it can be prefabricated or factory-produced to speed the assembly process on site. Steel can be recycled indefinitely without losing its strength or quality, which makes it an environmentally friendly building material.

special mention for atienza hall

AQSO has been awarded an honorable mention for the restoration of Santa Maria de Atienza in Huete, Spain. A simply folded steel piece covers the remains of the church and creates a space from which to contemplate the landscape.

Atienza music hall
the nave and the apse

The nave of the church is represented with a new steel structure. In this way, the space becomes an open-air auditorium where you can enjoy the music and the view of the landscape while appreciating the ruin as per the original layout.

Atienza music hall
the building and the landscape

The intervention on the ruin is shown as a sculptural element with a protective character. Its form, with a definite contemporary language, responds to the distant landscape while intends to become a landmark.

Xu Beihong foundation
the top terrace

The upper part of the building leads to the terrace, a space where the tour of the exhibition rooms ends, where visitors can enjoy the natural surroundings where the museum is located.

Atienza music hall
the cross section

The section of the building shows the relationship between the ruin and the new building. Formal language and materials further differentiate these two styles, combined to provide a new use of the space.

aqso and cca awarded for Liuzhou museum

The proposal for the new Industrial museum in Liuzhou presented by CCA and AQSO has been awarded the 3rd prize in the restricted competition organised by the local government. The museum is intended to use a 62000 sqm old factory near the Liu river in the second largest city in the Guangxi province (China).

Carola furniture series

On the last few months, we have been working on an exciting outdoor furniture project: the Carola Collection, a minimalist and simple furniture design inspired by the bright colours of the sunny Mediterranean regions.

Dehan village
the spiral staircase

A secondary spiral staircase connects the living room with the dining room on the first floor. The relationship between the two is enhanced through the double-height space and the staircase adopts a sculptural presence reinforced by the light from the window.

wavescape pavilion
the view from the seaside

From the seashore, the circular modules of the pavilion are enveloped in a translucent skin formed by the horizontal slats floating in the sea.

Xu Beihong foundation
the main facade

The façade of the building consists of a double metal mesh envelope with angular shapes. The access is located on the first floor, through a grandstand that connects the street with the inner courtyard.

wrap manifesto
the facade detail

The façade system proposed for the building functions as a double skin that provides a homogeneous appearance, it regulates ventilation and the incidence of sunlight on the curtain wall behind and introduces greenery on each level creating a vertical garden.

Atienza music hall
the elevations

The silhouette of the new building contrasts with the steep slope. The steel roof has a protective character, and with a simple gesture brings a new function to the old temple.

wrap manifesto
the louvered facade

The institutional image of an office building does not have to be cold and intimidating. The headquarters of the Cluj Regional Council brings a welcoming, friendly and domestic design that represents an environmentally friendly building that is close to its community.

Dehan village
the living room

The living room has a large window to enjoy the views of the landscape. This double-height space is connected to the dining room through a spiral staircase and also has access to the guest room on the ground floor.

finishes specification

Finishes specification involves detailing a list of all the materials in the final parts of the project. The file contains commercial products available in the market following technical, functional, aesthetic, and economic criteria ‒ price and maintenance costs.

prefabricated construction in Anguix

The construction works for this multifunctional building designed by AQSO have recently started with the assemblage of modular concrete elements to be part of the structure and façade.

structural systems

Structural systems are the bearing components that, working together, can transmit the building’s loads to the foundation, guaranteeing balance and stability without suffering incompatible distortions.

Xu Beihong foundation
the exterior view

The museum is located in an urban park with abundant vegetation. The form of the building is simple, a sober box, wrapped in a semi-transparent façade of angular shapes in shiny metal.

the illusion of weightless architecture

High-tech advancements in structural engineering give birth to the reality of intricate architectural designs. Building typologies now exceed what was once compromised because of traditional methods. The advent of Information Age will continuously break ground for the optimisation of structural systems. As innovations surge, the potential for growth in the industry provides more opportunities.

wrap manifesto
the main elevation

From the main avenue, the green façade of the building can be seen, blending in with the vegetation of the urban landscape. The walkway linking the top of the hill becomes the roof of the ground floor, which extends to form an entrance canopy.

the controversy of flat roofs

The building’s roof is not just a dispensable component in construction. It is a distinctive element with a rich history of typology.

folded auditorium
the staircase

From the entrance hall to the auditorium, the upper floor can be accessed via an elegant staircase suspended by steel cables. The foyer is a large and luminous space with a view of the vertical garden that covers the party wall of the nearby building.

Xu Beihong foundation
the atrium

The central atrium of the building is a space illuminated by a large skylight. The plasticity of its concrete walls reminds us of a natural cave dominated by the stairs leading to the upper level.

defining structural systems: concrete vs steel

The structural framework is the spine of a building. Therefore, caution against the choice of material should be carefully exercised. Concrete and steel, or reinforced concrete, delivers a rigid structural system when combined.