aqso arquitectos office. Detailed view of the facade system. The warm interior enjoys the vegetation and the sun protection of the facade, the planting requires low maintenance and looks great from outside.

The extension of the Cluj county council aims to be a symbol of institutional transparency, a precedent of sustainable architecture and a catalyst for urban regeneration.

Luis Aguirre
Razvan Brezoianu
Maria Matea
Diego Linares

Location: Cluj, Romania
GFA: 5900 sqm
Client: Cluj County Council

aqso arquitectos office. Wooden physical model of the new extension and facade. The promenade for pedestrians becomes a new entrance point. The model is made of timber and metal.

The intervention includes the remodel and extension of the existing building, the enhancement of the urban landscape and the improvement of the institutional appearance.

The new scheme extends to one side of the plot to provide additional offices and a new generous multifunctional space while the overall structure is wrapped with a facade system that transforms the image of the County.

aqso arquitectos office. Axonometric view of the existing building, the new facade and the extension. Different uses of the space, including the restaurant, the multifunctional room and the offices.

A pathway connects the street on the upper side of the plot with the front facade, providing additional pedestrian access for the public. This promenade not only makes the building more approachable and accessible for the people but also aims to create a sense of public space, allowing everyone to make use of the building and engaging with the local community.

aqso arquitectos office. The building is transformed into a modern structure, with positive impact on the urban space. The louvered green facade is sustainable and cost-effective. The entrance is institutional but welcoming.
aqso arquitectos office, elevations and section of the new building extension for the Cluj Council. Transparent facade system and multifunctional room.

The entrance at ground level, in contrast, becomes more institutional, where a new ramp and stairs are covered by a generous and protective canopy that extends in a welcoming gesture.

aqso arquitectos office, spacious entrance lobby of the public building. The timber slatting and white walls combine with concrete floors and glass walls. Modern reception desk.
aqso arquitectos office. Detailed section of the facade system. The permeable layer hosts planters with vegetation, an irrigation system and a maintenance catwalk. Technical detail, facade, ceiling and slab system.

The building facade unifies both the existing and the new building with a cost-effective, permeable and lightweight wrapping skin that offers sun protection and greenery.
This low-maintenance vertical garden provides a more comfortable, productive and appropriate internal work environment while communicates the image of a modern and friendly government building to the city.

aqso arquitectos office. Space planning and layouts of the typical floor plans. The underground parking is covered with landscape. The extension has a new staircase.

The structural system of the new extension adapts to the existing grid to provide a modular framework in line with the underground carpark.
Above this space, the landscape design integrates the building with the adjacent green areas, providing a layer of greenery that extends towards the upper road of the site.