This urban planning study for the Tangjiatuo valley is based on a comprehensive definition of the land use, taking into account the existing elements, the new areas to be built and the introduction of a monorail train as a new transportation system.

Luis Aguirre
James Tendayi Matsuku
Hou Yuzhuo
Xiao Pu Liu
LKS IngenierĂ­a

Area: 134 Ha.
Location: Chongqing, China
Client: GP&D

The proposal aims to define a land use strategy, which takes several key factors into account: an existing and consolidated traditional area, an obsolete industrial shipyard to be removed for the completion of the project and the construction of new infrastructures and roads to connect the different areas.

There are five separate sectors of intervention: a traditional urban fabric, a medium density residential area, an urban park, a business centre and several high-density residential areas.
As a whole, the land use distribution aims to create a heterogeneous and diverse type of city adapted to the steep mountainous landscape of this area.