AQSO arquitectos office. The multifunctional room of this educational management centre has a sliding door and a blackboard wall.

This interior space develops through a series of modular elements, glass partitions and integrated furniture, combining into a sleek minimalist design. The interior facilities comprise three offices, a workshop and a multipurpose hall.

Luis Aguirre
Marian Albarrán
Karen Cheng

Area: 200 sqm
Location: Beijing, China
Client: Private

AQSO arquitectos office. In the central part of the premises is the workshop area, which has a low unit of pink lacquered wood and a shelving unit built into the wall.

This project is located in the central business district of Beijing, hosting administrative and cultural activities. Here, the office engages its visitors showcasing a simple yet sharp character, and combines a sleek white design with colourful elements.

AQSO arquitectos office. The reception desk is a two-height piece of furniture with a PC keyboard tray and several drawers made of pink lacquered MDF.
AQSO arquitectos office. The conceptual diagram shows the elements of interior design and spatial planning. The centre has an entrance, a toilet, a workshop area, a multifunctional room and a library.

At the entrance, a reception desk and a waiting area welcome the guests. From here, the rooms develop along a central corridor characterised by the varying of the ceiling heights. An array of glass partitions and translucent doors supplies a natural, softened light and conveys it directly into the corridor.

AQSO arquitectos office. The bespoke white wall-mounted bookcase has an original and functional design, with shelves at different heights, creating a rhythm of recesses.
AQSO arquitectos office. The floor plan of this educational management centre shows the reception, the waiting room, the workshop area, the offices, the library and the multifunctional room.

The materials used in the project include light wooden floors and neutral plaster on walls and ceiling. The elements of the furniture, made in lacquered medium-density fibreboard and painted to match the rich company’s colours, contrast with the surrounding atmosphere.

AQSO arquitectos office. The furniture in this school management centre is made of colourful lacquered wood. They are simple and functional cupboards with concealed handles and hinges.
AQSO arquitectos office. Near the waiting room there is a reading corner for children. This children's library consists of modular cubes where children can sit.

Accessible from the waiting room, a small library, composed of several modular cubic bookcases, works both as comfortable reading area and as a creative playground for children.

AQSO arquitectos office. The children's library is made up of a composition of wooden cubes that can be clustered together to form a scalable piece of furniture in which to store books and sit and read.
AQSO arquitectos office. The entrance has a waiting room that connects to the workshop area. The interior design is bright and combines translucent glass partitions with simple coloured furniture.

In a similar fashion, the multipurpose room conceals a creative concept, offering a flexible use of space and suggesting the character of a classroom with its chalkboard painted walls.