from policies to design

Modern urbanism involves several disciplines beyond architecture and sociology. Often the rules guiding urban development are established taking into account economic and political factors. In a complex scenario where the future of urban areas is more difficult to predict, how policymakers can take into account public participation?

computer-generated imagery

Visuals are representations of design through images, animations or virtual reality systems. They are developed by 3D models, and they help understand the spatial qualities of the project in its context.

design workshop

Design workshops actively involve our clients in the creative process behind the design development. Accordingly, the workshop typically leads to a collective analysis and exploration of the design options developed by our team.

(un)made in China

The exhibition (un)made in China, organized by Cannon Design opened last Thursday at the ‘[email protected] gallery’ in Shanghai. The retrospective features a selection of twelve projects developed by international offices and aims to show not only the value of the architecture itself, moreover the process and the experience of these architects when facing the challenge […]

Iberian architecture in Beijing

AQSO participated at LAMIPA, an audiovisual exhibition about Spanish and Portuguese architecture which opening took place in Beijing on September 25.


The old ambition of producing a really moving architecture succeeds when it responds to the site and brief requirements. The proposal for the thematic pavilion of the 2012 Yeosu international exhibition has a focus for the people to experience and understand this liquid element through the specific place in which it is located: the ocean.

the process

Because of its humanistic and artistic character, there are no consistent procedures in Architecture. If we consider this art and science of designing a discipline for the modification of space we occupy, then the aims of Architecture are to bring together forms and uses that will be, like humans, unstable. We could say that everything […]

the power of a concept

Architecture can simply be defined as a form of an art. It requires the combination of both technical and aesthetic approaches. Property developers require the assistance of an architect, who can figure out the perfect balance in between these two factors. An architectural concept is an abstract or generative idea around which the project will […]

singular concepts

Lisbon Architecture Triennale

the significant value of design in real estate

communicating design with 3D prints


lecture at the Dashilan design hop

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(un)made in China exhibition in Shanghai

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AQSO launches urban research Hutopolis

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unmade in China


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