AQSO Zurbaran clinic, minimalism, counter, white, lacquered wood, dentist chair, examination room

The Zurbaran Clinic, in a minimalist fashion, combines different shades of white for a delicate contrast and a gentle mixture of materials. The result is a sleek space, fully integrated with the furniture, which guarantees a sense of purity and spaciousness.

Sergio Blanco
Carlos Martín
Manuel Martínez

Building area: 80 sqm
Location: Madrid, Spain
Client: Private

AQSO Zurbaran clinic, lacquered MDF, modular cabinets, filling cabinet

This clinic is located in the mezzanine of a residential building near the Castellana Avenue, in the heart of Madrid. The space is indirectly illuminated through several, generous patios projecting a homogeneous light, intensified by the ubiquitous white colour.

AQSO Zurbaran clinic, corridor
AQSO Zurbaran clinic, reception desk, white window blind

The arrangement of space is based on a double circulation: one for the private rooms for staff and doctors, and one for the public areas. The minimalistic style of the interior and the predominance of white are subtly contrasted by the different finishes of the materials, from glossy to matt, and by the translucent glass-walls enclosing a surgery room.

AQSO Zurbaran clinic, entrance door, lacquered plywood, satin steel hinges

From the reception area, where a simple piece of furniture functions as an information desk, the patients enter a neat, sober environment that intends to convey the professional and hygienic character of this private health centre.

AQSO Zurbaran clinic, glass wall
AQSO Zurbaran clinic, glass partition, stainless steel door handle, white walls

A combination of opaque and translucent planes articulates the scheme of the main corridor, where different types of doors suggest the use of the room behind. An interior elevation is conveyed by modulated lacquered wood panels, including some built-in closets. The frozen glass, used for the mobile partitions, creates an atmospheric blue shade, which contrasts with the warm brightness of the lights pouring from the ceiling.