AQSO fragmented house, facade, night view, green backyard, cantilevered element, big windows, casa moderna, chalet, villa

The idea at the core of Fragmented House is both simple and powerful. Considering a rectangular volume, this concept breaks down a conventional, compact form and rearranges it into something new but familiar. All in the pursuit of a modern aesthetics that conjoins purity of shapes with originality and comfort.

Estudio Pinés/Jové
Luis Aguirre
Sergio Blanco
Manuel Martínez

Ground Floor Area: 200 m2
Location: Laguna de Duero, Spain
Client: Private

AQSO, conceptual diagram, fragmented house, creative process, volume transformations, generative idea

This innovative space develops as a series of juxtaposed blocks, thus defining different functions and environments. For instance, a slightly recessed block, standing between two parallel sections, demarcates the entrance. While facing a garden, the façade expresses the contrast between a cantilevered block, which hosts the upper floor, and the large, composite block of the ground floor. The rear, instead, takes the peculiar block-arrangement of a staircase and conceals a functional garage.

AQSO fragmented house, stone masonry wall and canopy, sunset

The building is located not far from Laguna de Duero, a small town in the Spanish province of Valladolid. Facing west, the house enjoys the view not only of the stunning countryside but also of many a remarkable sunset. Two floors intuitively divide the living area in daytime (ground level) and night-time (first level, with a master bedroom). In the front garden, the house includes a slender swimming pool and a spa with an independent block facing the yard, which, at the occasion, can be conveniently converted into a summerhouse.

AQSO fragmented house, dining room
AQSO fragmented house, elevation and section

The living and dining rooms mingle into an open, continuous space, only partially divided by a stone masonry wall and free-standing staircase. Upstairs, a spacious master bedroom contains a walk-in wardrobe and an ensuite jacuzzi. From here, the roof is also accessible, providing a terrace and a small solarium.

AQSO fragmented house, main entrance, ceramic tile facade