This shopping centre is divided into five interconnected parts wrapped up by a translucent facade. The circulation is based on twisting corridors opening towards the surrounding landscape.

Luis Aguirre
Sergio Blanco
Diego Linares
James Tendayi Matsuku
He Wei
Zhang Zhang
Hainan Consulting

Location: Lianyungang, China
Site area: 9917 sqm
Ground Floor Area: 12000 sqm
Client: Private developer

aqso, market, exploded, axonometric, projection, levels, interior distribution

The project is located in the Chinese port city of Lianyungang, in the vicinity of a new amusement park. The master-plan for this low-density area, intended for tertiary use, proposes an interesting organic land fragmentation.
The plot is westbound exposed to an urban condition –a small plaza-, while surrounded by a pedestrian walkway and a river on the opposite side.

aqso, market eight, louvers, colors, main entrance, square, courtyard, stone pavement, translucent glass
aqso, first floor plan, retail units, distribution, circulation, construction documents

Site conditions determine the scheme strategy, specially designed so the building can be part of the landscape and its context.

Traditional shopping centres consist of an enclosed volume in which the covered interior atrium becomes the only public space with stores located around it. This configuration defines a loop circulation in the shape of a ring totally ignoring the context of the building and its relation to the city.

aqso, market eight, louvers, colors, white slab, escalator, commercial building, interlaced slabs, post lamps, curved facade
aqso, interior, ground floor plan, retail, facade protection

Lianyungang market, on the contrary, turns this organisation upside down by generating open courtyards and a figure-eight circulation.
This approach means that the building is divided into five zigzag-arranged parts knotted to each other by alternate slabs. The result is a market exposed towards the city, with a larger façade area and invaded by the surrounding public space.

aqso, interior, courtyard, corridor, open space, sunlight, public

The building has up to four levels in its central part while the rest of volumes are lower, generating green roof terraces used by restaurants and cafeterias. The vertical connection between levels is solved with escalators located in the courtyards, enhancing a circulation system for people to go around the whole building. Each group has an additional staircase and elevators for staff and users.

aqso, construction, detail, axonometric, projection, materials, louvers, facade, system, storefront, section

The market façade is made of coloured glass louvers, facing alternate orientations in each floor. Since climate conditions are favourable, public areas are open, so the façade works as a unifying, permeable and ventilated skin protecting the stores from the sun.

aqso, market eight, louvers, colors, white slab, escalator, commercial building, interlaced slabs