furniture and accessories

The specification of these off-the-shelf products includes a detailed description of the items required to integrate the design, identifying units, manufacturers, finishes, availability and lead times.

how to use your building

Like any other commodity product, buildings are operated, and they function better and last longer if their users understand them correctly. The building owner’s manual contains the information required for the operation, maintenance, transformation and even demolition of a building.

right size

Although architecture encompasses many different sizes, scales and proportions always conform to a size that is invariably that of the people. The size of a project determines the approach and the abstraction capacity necessary to resolve it. Therefore an increase in scale means a discipline change, as with architecture and town planning.



analysing the customer journey

space planning

handover and as-built documentation

fixed furniture and fittings

design workshop

what is organic architecture?

site analysis

the value of psychology on architecture

the philosophy of experimental design

open arte-fact exhibited in Beirut

architecture for the shared economy

the power of a concept

the blink

lighting study