the power of a concept

Architecture can simply be defined as a form of an art. It requires the combination of both technical and aesthetic approaches. Property developers require the assistance of an architect, who can figure out the perfect balance in between these two factors. An architectural concept is an abstract or generative idea around which the project will […]

key elements of the contemporary urban language

Historical partisans list homogeneity as the primary consideration in urban conservation criteria. Architecture and urban planning, in relation to the human context, is not static, it is always changing and evolving as it grows.

a map of hutopolis

urbanization process in China

China’s construction: designing the future


starchitecture and cityscape

striking ship-like hotel proposed as new Shoreditch landmark

contemporary city limit

the people’s urbanism

city visions

AQSO launches urban research Hutopolis

3×3 projects in contexts

conservation and urban diversity

identities in comparison

a map of hutopolis

from policies to design

urban design

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