city visions

City Visions is an exhibition that collects one year of research, experiments and events organized in China and Europe by the Hutopolis research program. Soft and physical urban planning strategies, visions and ideas have been developed taking Beijing as a case study.

lecture at the Iterate workshop

Last February 7th AQSO participated in the ‚ÄėIterate‚Äô workshop in Beijing with a lecture about the changing conditions of the Chinese cities and the progress of the ongoing research program ‚ÄėHutopolis‚Äô.

lecture at the Dashilan design hop

Giannantonio Bongiorno, curator of the exhibition ‘Next stop: Hutopolis‘, presented together with Luis Aguirre Manso the contents of the research that will start next fall about the Chinese urban conditions.

a map of hutopolis

conservation and urban diversity


from policies to design

architects at work


a map of hutopolis

the people’s urbanism


key elements of the contemporary urban language

hutopolis restrospective

AQSO launches urban research Hutopolis

special mention for atienza hall

aqso and cca awarded for Liuzhou museum

‘ramp up the mun’ shortlisted for e10

architecture for the shared economy