In an architectural context, a podium is a raised platform or base on which a structure is built. Podiums are often used in the design of buildings to create a visual hierarchy and to distinguish between different functional areas.

In some cases, the podium serves as the base of a building, with the structure rising up from it. The podium may contain amenities such as parking garages, retail spaces, or other public areas. In other cases, the podium is used to elevate a portion of the building above the surrounding grade, creating a visual focal point or providing additional functional space.

Podiums often include features such as landscaping, water features, or other design elements that enhance the overall aesthetic of the building.

In addition to serving as a base for a building, podiums can also be used as a standalone architectural element. For example, a podium may be used to create a stage or platform for public events, or to provide a raised seating area for viewing sports or other performances.

spliced towers
the landscape design

The landscape design combines pedestrian areas, gardens and a man-made stream separating the residential area from the commercial area. A network of streets connects the buildings to facilitate vehicle access.

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the physical model

The building is situated close to a steep slope, so the new extension also serves as a pedestrian bridge connecting the upper street with the main avenue. This secondary public access is linked to the access to the multi-purpose hall.

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the concept diagram

The diagram shows the different uses of the new building extension modules and the unifying treatment applied to the faƧade. The result is a more compact and symbolic volume with an improved institutional and intuitive access control.

spliced towers
the office towers

The four office towers have a faƧade clad in wood, natural stone and glass. The composition forms a pattern of irregular vertical lines in shades of brown and ochre.

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the main elevation

From the main avenue, the green faƧade of the building can be seen, blending in with the vegetation of the urban landscape. The walkway linking the top of the hill becomes the roof of the ground floor, which extends to form an entrance canopy.

spliced towers
the office facade diagram

The faƧade of office buildings is made up of a variety of openings that change in size depending on the orientation and incidence of the sun on the towers.