This urban planning study for the Tangjiatuo valley is based on a comprehensive definition of the land use, taking into account the existing elements, the new areas to be built and the introduction of a monorail train as a new transportation system.

Luis Aguirre
Abel Erazo
James Tendayi Matsuku

Building area: 80 sqm
Location: Beijing, China
Client: Private

The restaurant is situated in one of the most emblematic and modern areas of the city, a neighbourhood close to the diplomatic quarter where most of the Beijing nightlife is concentrated. The entrance is located in an open courtyard with a bamboo garden.

AQSO moment cafe, colorful sofas and polished concrete

The different elements of the space are treated with surfaces which materials define their character. The sitting area is enclosed under a beech wood plane, the bar area is covered with a floating concrete structure and the kitchen is arranged into a stainless steel box.

AQSO moment cafe, concrete wall

The illumination highlights the division between the spaces and the different atmospheres offered along the day, this way the business is consolidated as a cafeteria and also as an exclusive western restaurant. The glazing façade opens the space towards the courtyard where a terrace allows the clients to enjoy the open air Japanese garden.