selective tendering

The selective tender process for construction contracts is a pre-selection of suppliers to receive offers based on the project’s documentation and quantity survey if provided. An evaluation report is then presented to the developer to decide which contractor to appoint.

communicating design with 3D prints

Architecture starts with an idea. It is the communication of a vision into a concrete form. Translating this concept into 2D visual presentations has always been the norm. With the advent of 3D printing, the interpretation of an idea into a tangible physical model is now garnering attention.

the value of unconventional thought

The word innovation has been tossed around back and forth for decades, and the real essence of it has been muddled. Times change, and so do we. Survival is a basic human necessity. We need to adapt to survive. What works perfectly in the past may not work in the present, and even in the […]

elevations and facade systems

Cross sections are the parts we obtain cutting straight through the building, exposing both the interior and the constructive system.


handover and as-built documentation

master planning

prefabricated construction in Anguix

round table at 751

finishes specification

the philosophy of experimental design

wiki architecture

the blink

the process

right size

brief development

the significant value of design in real estate

quantity survey and cost plan

interdisciplinary is not multidisciplinary

value engineering

physical models

time spent on project development: a future-proof investment


the value of psychology on architecture

computer-generated imagery