the blink

A 1993 study by the American social psychologists Nalini Ambady and Robert Rosenthal considered in what way less information would affect the accuracy of predicting teacher evaluation by college students. The study shows that the information conveyed in a glimpse can be just as important as the information gathered over a much longer period. This […]

value engineering

Value engineering is a process in which corrective measures are applied to reduce the project’s cost, conforming, though, as much as possible to the original requirements of function, quality and comfort.

interdisciplinary is not multidisciplinary

We proactively seek solutions using an interdisciplinary approach because we believe architecture is not only about the design itself. It is the confluence of diverse fields together to create an optimisation of function, aesthetics and structural integrity. It is about delivering solutions that cater to different variables.

selective tendering

The selective tender process for construction contracts is a pre-selection of suppliers to receive offers based on the project’s documentation and quantity survey if provided. An evaluation report is then presented to the developer to decide which contractor to appoint.


elevations and facade systems

the value of psychology on architecture

finishes specification

time spent on project development: a future-proof investment

round table at 751

wiki architecture

the value of unconventional thought

the process

the significant value of design in real estate


computer-generated imagery

quantity survey and cost plan

brief development

physical models

communicating design with 3D prints

prefabricated construction in Anguix

handover and as-built documentation

right size

master planning

the philosophy of experimental design