designing with big data

Data is almost inclusive in everything that we do. Statistics show that 90% of it alone came from the last years. Climate sensors, credit swiping, social media updates, emails, digital portfolios, online transactions, actuated louvres and GPS location trackers – from physical to virtual world, we generate information.

a map of hutopolis

self-fab house

E9 forum in Santiago de Compostela

lecture at the Global Pioneer design forum

contemporary city limit

learning from Dashilar

the people’s urbanism

master planning


physical models

statutory approvals

Harvest Home awarded by the IaaC

urbanization process in China

lecture at the Dashilan design hop

lecture at the Iterate workshop

from policies to design

wiki architecture


city visions

old is new at Today Art Museum

design workshop

AQSO launches urban research Hutopolis

hutopolis restrospective

architects at work