This experimental house, based on a traditional scheme, is made from natural resources, which grow naturally and in abundance in the area. Its slender figure becomes an organic element that rises over the valley landscape. The bamboo shell, interwoven with wicker mesh, creates a hard-wearing structure.

Luis Aguirre
Maite García

Building area: 60 sqm per unit
Location: Cauca valley, Colombia
2nd prize on the Advanced Architecture Contest by IaaC

AQSO Harvest home, self-fab house, bamboo structure, low-tech

The project is located in the Cauca valley, between the Occidental and Central mountain chain, where a superb construction material is abundant and naturally grown: bamboo. This versatile, lightweight, biodegradable and sustainable raw material differs from other woods by its ability to grow again after being cut.

AQSO Harvest home, self-fab house, prototype, physical model, wires, balsa wood, close- up

The self-sufficient housing concept is especially relevant where the demand is strong and the qualified labours and technical resources are scarce.
In Colombia, approximately 3 million people have been forced to leave their homes in the last 40 years, becoming one of the countries with the higher number of displaced people in the world.

AQSO Harvest home, self-fab house, Cauca valley map, diagram, location plan

The “Harvest Home” is an experimental house based on a common typology: day and night activities are separated in two floors around a fireplace. Its modular elements and construction system are key points for the scheme to become a self-sufficient residential model in rural areas.