interdisciplinary is not multidisciplinary

We proactively seek solutions using an interdisciplinary approach because we believe architecture is not only about the design itself. It is the confluence of diverse fields together to create an optimisation of function, aesthetics and structural integrity. It is about delivering solutions that cater to different variables.

time spent on project development: a future-proof investment

Time and design are both mutually exclusive terms that are often drifted apart in the fast-paced landscape of today’s architecture industry. It’s a question related to the technological revolution, and the impact of such quickly derived outcomes is setting unexpectedly high expectations from clients.


technical reports

brief development

handover and as-built documentation

wiki architecture

statutory approvals

communicating design with 3D prints


the process

quantity survey and cost plan

value engineering

3×3 projects in contexts

quality control systems

selective tendering

site supervision

efficient construction documentation

contract administration