We are an international practice that has worked in many countries and territories with a wide range of commissioners and in a variety of regulatory environments.

city visions

City Visions is an exhibition that collects one year of research, experiments and events organized in China and Europe by the Hutopolis research program. Soft and physical urban planning strategies, visions and ideas have been developed taking Beijing as a case study.

lecture at the Global Pioneer design forum

AQSO was invited to participate at the Global Pioneer Design forum organised by the Galaxy arts centre and 5cats editors in Shenzhen, China, last May 26.

possible architecture

The project for a music centre in Soria has been selected for inclusion in the ‘Arquitecturas posibles’ exhibition organized by agoras.arq. The exhibition will be held in the MUVa Museum, Santa Cruz Palace, Valladolid, Spain, from October 3rd.

special mention for atienza hall

AQSO has been awarded an honorable mention for the restoration of Santa Maria de Atienza in Huete, Spain. A simply folded steel piece covers the remains of the church and creates a space from which to contemplate the landscape.

plug and play

Soria is a small city in north-central Spain. The city was founded in the 4th century BC in the banks of the Duero River. At that time the location along the watercourse was strategic for defence, however, now the valley is not a priority in the city’s development. Several historical buildings are located along the […]

round table at 751

Cannon Design organized a roundtable at the 751 lecture hall coinciding with the exhibition ‘Unmade in China’ presented at the 2012 Beijing Design Week. The event featured projects developed by the architectural firms featured in the exhibition followed by a discussion about the particular characteristics of the design process in the Chinese market.

open arte-fact exhibited in Beirut

The proposal for the house of arts, a large cultural building to be built in Lebanon, will be exhibited along with the rest of participants of the international competition between 23 March & 14 April 2009 at the Forum de Beyrouth.

lecture at the Dashilan design hop

Giannantonio Bongiorno, curator of the exhibition ‘Next stop: Hutopolis‘, presented together with Luis Aguirre Manso the contents of the research that will start next fall about the Chinese urban conditions.

analysing the customer journey

Circulation in public buildings is a critical factor to consider in the design process. Flow becomes the emblem of the building’s concept and even shapes its form. In simplistic terms, it is how people move and interact with space.

self-fab house

Carola furniture series

a map of hutopolis

striking ship-like hotel proposed as new Shoreditch landmark

our analysis of the Chinese market for El PaĂ­s

architecture without context

old is new at Today Art Museum


from policies to design

AQSO launches urban research Hutopolis


hutopolis restrospective

identities in comparison

Harvest Home awarded by the IaaC

learning from Dashilar

room #21

hors site #10


aqso and cca awarded for Liuzhou museum

(un)made in China

(un)made in China exhibition in Shanghai

architects at work

China’s construction: designing the future


reinterpreting the traditional courtyard house

unmade in China

3×3 projects in contexts

acoustical design in auditoriums

igloo #195

a map of hutopolis

E9 forum in Santiago de Compostela

design magazine #5


‘ramp up the mun’ shortlisted for e10

starchitecture and cityscape

prefabricated construction in Anguix

Iberian architecture in Beijing

lecture at the Iterate workshop

the people’s urbanism

singular concepts

glass magazine #11

social club completed in Tabuyo

arquia proxima 2012

Lisbon Architecture Triennale

mark magazine

tierra de cultivo in Gorizia

W salon opening


urbanization process in China