We are an international practice that has worked in many countries and territories with a wide range of commissioners and in a variety of regulatory environments.

self-fab house

aqso and cca awarded for Liuzhou museum

lecture at the Global Pioneer design forum

‘ramp up the mun’ shortlisted for e10

a map of hutopolis


W salon opening

lecture at the Iterate workshop

Carola furniture series

design magazine #5

striking ship-like hotel proposed as new Shoreditch landmark

the people’s urbanism

round table at 751

identities in comparison

mark magazine


AQSO launches urban research Hutopolis



analysing the customer journey

our analysis of the Chinese market for El País

3×3 projects in contexts

next stop: hutopolis

learning from Dashilar

room 21

starchitecture and cityscape

open arte-fact exhibited in Beirut

(un)made in China

tierra de cultivo in Gorizia

old is new at Today Art Museum

special mention for atienza hall

E9 forum in Santiago de Compostela

arquia proxima 2012

Harvest Home awarded by the IaaC

architecture without context

glass magazine #11

lecture at the Dashilan design hop

2012 bjdw

opticks magazine #15

plug and play

social club completed in Tabuyo


China’s construction: designing the future

acoustical design in auditoriums

a map of hutopolis

from policies to design

panorama #12-2

(un)made in China exhibition in Shanghai



reinterpreting the traditional courtyard house

urbanization process in China

prefabricated construction in Anguix

singular concepts

Iberian architecture in Beijing

city visions

Lisbon Architecture Triennale

unmade in China

think magazine #12

possible architecture

architects at work