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cuña house

Private residence in Lorquí



This house occupies a narrow plot located in a new residential area. The slender shape and the sloping roof stand out in the landscape as a wedge ascending against the slight slope of the land.



Location: Lorquí, Spain
GFA: 185 sqm
Client: Private


The residence is located in Lorquí, a small town in Southern Spain surrounded by a landscape shaped by eroded hills known as ‘Montes Blancos’. The ascending shape of the house outlines a triangular elevation standing over the terrain, capturing views towards the Segura River´s meadow.

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The neat domestic space is arranged around a generous double height living room in which lower part kitchen and pantry are located. A mezzanine is inserted into the tallest part of the house where the master bedroom is located. The staircase giving access to the loft, made of a folded exposed concreted slab, ends in an indoor balcony used as office space facing the living room.

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The lower floor is connected on one side through a large opening to a garden while the mezzanine opens to a semi-covered terrace. Light colors, characteristic in traditional architecture of sunny areas, are predominant inside and outside the house.

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The mortar facade, window frames and walls contrast with the grey hardwood flooring and a cream-colored travertine wall enclosing the entrance door.

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The structural system of the house is based on concrete slabs and supports enclosed by honeycomb clay block walls. The roof is made of a waterproof thin concrete slab protected by a sandwich panel.