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performing arts complex

Marina and pop music center in Kaoshiung



This complex dedicated to the promotion of the pop music is located around the Kaohsiung port and because its formal arrangement becomes an strong landscape element.



Building area: 70900 sqm Location: Kaoshiung (Taiwan) Client: City Council Government


This complex of buildings is organized around the port adopting a unique language. The shape of the plot provides a distinctive scenario in which the different buildings, grouped depending on their functions, are embraced along the U-shaped harbor. A pedestrian walkway connects these clusters, which are treated as landscape elements always facing the sea.


The program is divided into three basic functions: a research center, a series of auditoriums and a marina. The first group is located on the west side of the plot, across the mouth of the river. It comprises of lecture rooms, recording studios and art galleries as well as a complementary area dedicated to outdoor concerts.


AQSO Kaoshiung performing arts center


The central part is reserved for the second set, the group of auditoriums. Its dominant position is linked to the dense urban fabric behind. Each of the auditoriums is conceived as a separate building accessible from a dual circulation: the one that connects the whole site along the perimeter and the one that gives access from the city, through several radial streets.


AQSO Kaoshiung performing arts center, twisted wood louvers


The southern part of the complex is occupied by several facilities, exhibition halls and an administrative area. The character of the dock is emphasized with a small quay as well as restaurants, bars and other places for entertainment.


The intervention is conceived as a whole like a piece of landscape, a continuous skin in which different openings make it permeable to the city and the waterfront. Each building is covered with an undulating roof and enclosed by structural louvers and vegetation.