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elemental complex

Residential masterplan in Inner Mongolia



Located in a new residential area, the building stands apart from the repetitive geometry of the existing urban fabric following a hexagonal grid. This layout allows creating courtyards of domestic character, optimizing the traffic and increasing the green areas.



Building area: 115000 sqm Location: Inner Mongolia, China Client: Private developer


The project is located in the northern center of the capital of Inner Mongolia, in an area under rapid development. Most of the residential complexes under construction in this part have an extremely high plot ratio and follow the same north to south orientation.


The planning is strongly affected by the particular urban fabric conditions of the plot. Surrounded by two roads and a railway, the circulation is only concentrated on two sides, and the opposite boundary becomes a landscaped area protecting the buildings from the noisy and impassable track. The plot density is gradually reduced from north to south while following the same pattern depending on the functions.


AQSO elemental complex bird view fractal growth squares courtyards hexagonal pattern grid


A four-star hotel stands in the north zone, becoming a landmark highly exposed to the main road. In this area several office towers and commercial units are also located. The central part of the plot is mainly occupied by residential courtyards accessible from the secondary road on the west side. The south part becomes a low density area only occupied by villas of lower height.


AQSO elemental complex physical model acrylic transparency backlight


This generative system allows a modular and flexible urban fabric, able to adapt to the different plot ratio situations. It creates spaces of different character without compromising the lighting conditions. The scheme intends to increase the green areas while diversifying the unit typologies.