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W salon

Hair and beauty salon in Beijing



The project comprises of different spaces: two areas for the public, designed with a minimal style where the lighting gains prominence, and a third private room for guests where the used materials, dark wood and linen, offer a more intimate atmosphere.



Building area : 70 sqm Location: Beijing, China Client: Private


This small hair and beauty salon is inserted in a row of crowded retail units in downtown Beijing. It comprises of an area open to the public and a private room for guests. In contrast to the turbulent surrounding atmosphere, plenty of colorful signage, the salon becomes a calm and reposeful element and the design evokes the relaxation of the beauty treatments offered inside.


AQSO W Salon, wooden strip, floating mirror, warm light


The façade come to be a white and vertical canvas intensely illuminated in which only the shadow of a horizontal metal shape is projected outlining the name of the shop.
Once inside, the interior design follows the same principle of minimalism, enhancing only the fundamental elements around the customer and leaving the rest of the space self-controlled within a sober form.


AQSO W Salon, floating mirror, white leather armchair


After passing the reception area, where the locker is situated, a few steps separate the rooms for the customers. The first two are characterized by a bright luminosity; the white walls emphasize the strip where the mirrors are located, -lined in yellowish beech wood-, creating a strong contrast.
Lighting gains prominence because of the fluorescent light coming behind the glass, framing the portrait of the customer sitting in front of the mirror and giving the sensation of a floating reflection.


AQSO W Salon, entrance, shadow, signage, spotlight, projection
AQSO W Salon, floor plan


If the previous spaces have a predominance of horizontal lines, the third one is distinguished by the vertical mirrors. This room, separated by a sliding door, offers a more intimate atmosphere given by the used materials: dark wood and linen. The natural texture of the fabric covers the wall where the sitting area is located, close to the customer.

A small storage room and a toilet complete the program of the shop, with a total capacity for 8 people.