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woven stand

Exhibition pavilion in Novosibirsk



This temporally building next to the Ob river is made of two free form slabs wrapped together by an accessible skin. This tightened fabric façade is an eye-catching image and a permeable border, which turns the visit into an exploration of the object and its content.



Building area: 120 sqm Location: Novisibirsk, Russia Client: Center of Architectural Communication


This pavilion designed for the center of the city of Novosibirsk is situated on the banks of the river, in a strategic location well connected by the nearby bridge. The building is conceived as a temporary object, an element with no specific façade able to adjust to any position. It works as an iconic element where the interior should be explored.


AQSO woven stand, synthetic fabric, elastic fibers, stainless steel column


Two horizontal organic shaped slabs work as base and roof. They are vertically connected through several strips of tight fabric, so people can access the pavilion just by pulling aside the bands around the whole perimeter and no particular entrance is defined.


AQSO woven stand, synthetic fabric, pavilion, park, river


The exhibition space is arranged around a central courtyard, used as lounge area, from which the space is illuminated. The pavilion is made using three basic materials; waterproof synthetic fabric for the façade, a modular steel system for the structure and timber batten panels for the slabs.