An elevation is a drawing or representation that shows the vertical projection of a building, structure or interior space, as viewed from the front, back, or side. Elevations are often used in the design and documentation of buildings and interiors, and they provide a detailed representation of the external appearance and the internal design.

Elevations typically include dimensions, materials, and other technical details, as well as notes and annotations that provide additional information or guidance. They can be presented in a variety of formats, including drawings, diagrams, and written specifications.

They are an important tool for understanding and analyzing the external appearance of a building, and they can be used to explore the aesthetic qualities of a design, as well as the relationships between different building elements, such as windows, doors, and facade treatments.
Interior elevations can also be used to represent the vertical placement of wall finishes, such as panels, paint, or tiles, or to show the height of furniture, fixtures, or other elements within a space.

Atienza music hall
the elevations

The silhouette of the new building contrasts with the steep slope. The steel roof has a protective character, and with a simple gesture brings a new function to the old temple.

wrap manifesto
the elevation and the cross section

The refurbishment of the existing building consists of the optimisation of the interior spaces, an extension and the installation of a new envelope that unifies the image of the complex, providing an institutional and contemporary appearance.

fragmented house
the section and elevation

The house is distributed over two floors that do not correspond to each other in their entire perimeter. This generates cantilevered bodies in some areas and terraces in others, as shown in the section and elevation of the building.

folded auditorium
the sections and the unfolded elevation

The auditorium section shows the appearance of the concert hall, the acoustic ceiling, the fly loft, the stage, the stalls and the orchestra pit. All this is wrapped in a corrugated skin of white concrete.

connecting riads
the unfolded elevation

The iconic silhouette of the building is clearly visible in the unfolding elevation. The continuity of the volumes contrasts with the different character of the exterior and interior facades.

connecting riads
the external elevations

The exterior elevations show a unique pattern formed by the long balconies and the sliding panels that protect them from the sun.