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lecture at the Iterate workshop

Last February 7th AQSO participated in the ‘Iterate’ workshop in Beijing with a lecture about the changing conditions of the Chinese cities and the progress of the ongoing research program ‘Hutopolis’.

The ‘Iterate’ workshop is organized by the ‘Institute for Provocation’, counts with the support of Huazhong University of Science and Technology and aims to create new perspectives for activating the everyday spaces of the city through interventions on public space, design and computational analysis.

Luis Aguirre Manso focused on the basis of the research program and described the contrast between the traditional and new development models in China. He showed some case studies of urban planning being currently developed in the office and underlined the lack of new residential typologies in the fast-growing Chinese scenario.
Diego Laguía Martínez, student of architecture at the University of Valencia (Spain), currently working on the Hutopolis research, shared the conceptual principles of his experimental ongoing project for the Dashilan area in the Chinese capital.


Feb 09, 2012