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2012 bjdw

Beijing Design Week 2012



This publication is the official catalog of the second edition of the  festival celebrated in Beijing. AQSO is featured on the exhibition ‘Hutopolis, city visions’, opened in Dashilar area with the support of BJDW, Samsung and Flos. The research program has been included also on the Politecnico di Milano stand, since it was one of the universities participating and Milan has been the guest city of the Design Week this year.


The exhibition ‘Unmade in China’ has joined the BJDW as well, and the project for the Xubeihong Memorial hall proposed by AQSO has been exhibited in 751 area.



Editor: Organizing Committee BJDW

Country: China


Language: Chinese, English

Paperback, 136 x 176mm, 555 pages



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