A bathroom is a type of space that is typically found within a building and is used for the purpose of personal hygiene. The layout and design of a bathroom can vary widely, but it typically includes a sink, a toilet, and a shower or bathtub. Some bathrooms may also include additional features such as a bidet, a Jacuzzi or spa bath, or a sauna.

In addition to its functional aspects, the bathroom is also a space that is shaped by the social and cultural context in which it is located. The way that the bathroom is used and experienced can be influenced by cultural and social norms, as well as by personal preferences and habits. Today the bathroom is also a space that is often associated with privacy and personal identity.

The concept of the modern bathroom has evolved over time, and has been shaped by a variety of cultural, technological, and social factors. In ancient civilizations such as the Roman Empire, the bathroom was a place for bathing and relaxation, and was often a central feature of homes and public buildings. During the Middle Ages, the concept of the bathroom as a separate and private space for personal hygiene was not widely practiced. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, the bathroom began to evolve into the form that it is today, with the development of indoor plumbing and new technologies such as the flush toilet and the shower. Today, the bathroom is an integral part of modern life and is found in almost all homes and buildings around the world.

Pedraza house
the master bathroom

The rational and pure design of the bathroom is based on easy-to-clean surfaces, naturally textured materials and cosy indirect lighting.

Ashley Gardens
the bathroom mirror

The bathroom vanity unit is made of dark teak wood. The lighting comes from the circular backlit mirror and the globe lamp suspended from the ceiling.

Ashley Gardens
the bathroom

The bathroom is clad in Italian Statuario marble in a herringbone pattern. The design features simple lines. The shower tray is integrated into the floor and the taps and fittings are in matt black lacquered steel.