AQSO is a multidisciplinary studio composed of an international group of professionals dedicated to contemporary architecture, design, urban planning and cultural research. Our philosophy combines a rigorous and pragmatic approach with an innovative attitude.

We approach every project with an ambitious methodology that investigates and analyzes social, economic, technical and sustainable issues. Our ability covers a wide range of types and scales, from public, commercial and residential buildings to town planning and urbanism.

We understand architecture as a multidisciplinary process, a comprehensive approach beyond living spaces and a method in cooperation with different professionals and consultants to become the coherent nexus between imagination and reality. Therefore the office is understood as a global studio relying on a multicultural team of experienced professionals working on an open cross-disciplinary collaboration platform.

Our team has the international vision, experience, flexibility and ability to materialize each project from concept to site supervision.


who we are


Luis Aguirre Manso
Sergio Blanco Fernández
Manuel Martínez Rodríguez
Ruth Herrero Zazo
Javier Enjuto Monje
Antonio Losa Hernández
Victoria González Gómez
Carlos Martín Bolaños
Jesús Ramos Muñoz
Yihang Zhang
Huo Yuzhuo
Diego Linares

Past and present collaborators:
Brian Sayers
Dinah Zhang
Eoin Ni Mhathuna
Graham Baldwin
Gianantonio Bongiorno
He Wei
Juan José Cruz
James Tendayi Matsuku
Li Jieran
Liu Xiao Pu
Lynn Ni Mhathuna
Lv Jin Huan
Marta Martínez Méndez
Marian Albarrán Fernández
Max Gerthel
Miguel Ángel Santamaría
Noelia Cervero Sánchez
Pedro Rey Antón
Qin Yuxi
Sun Wei
Wenzhen Yi
Yang Shi
Yitzhak B. Samun