Each typology is characterized for some particular spatial requirements. We have explored innovative designs in a vast range of architectural programmes.

(un)made in China

The exhibition (un)made in China, organized by Cannon Design opened last Thursday at the ‘[email protected] gallery’ in Shanghai. The retrospective features a selection of twelve projects developed by international offices and aims to show not only the value of the architecture itself, moreover the process and the experience of these architects when facing the challenge […]

special mention for atienza hall

AQSO has been awarded an honorable mention for the restoration of Santa Maria de Atienza in Huete, Spain. A simply folded steel piece covers the remains of the church and creates a space from which to contemplate the landscape.

wiki architecture

Architecture is nearly always the solution of a complex problem, an equation with many variables and which can be resolved in more than one way. It needs to address the programme, the site conditions, be formally expressed and have technical solutions that allow building it, but it must also have an intention or contain an […]

lecture at the Dashilan design hop

Giannantonio Bongiorno, curator of the exhibition ‘Next stop: Hutopolis‘, presented together with Luis Aguirre Manso the contents of the research that will start next fall about the Chinese urban conditions.

social club completed in Tabuyo

The works for the interior design of this social club in Tabuyo have been recently completed. Characterized by simple materials and indirect lighting, this project comprises a multipurpose room, a dining room, storage, and toilets.

architects at work

The second edition of the [email protected] festival, an event showcasing architecture and industry-related products with a special focus on innovation and education, took place in Beijing last December 5th and 6th. AQSO participated both at the ‘Spanish design in China’ seminar, organized by the Spanish Embassy and the conference ‘Hutong to Hutopolis’ supported by the […]

architecture for millennials

Millenials are constantly redefining concepts that have always been taken for granted. They are known for finding new ways of socialising, working and even defining their relationships. The way they live and interact with the built environment is not an exception.

a map of hutopolis

analysing the customer journey

possible architecture


the value of unconventional thought

unmade in China

plug and play

hotel lobby, the new social space


city roots

acoustical design in auditoriums

Harvest Home awarded by the IaaC

starchitecture and cityscape

architecture without context

E9 forum in Santiago de Compostela

learning from Dashilar

muestra (un)made in China en Shanghái

key elements of the contemporary urban language

‘ramp up the mun’ shortlisted for e10

contemporary city limit

the controversy of flat roofs


reinterpreting the traditional courtyard house

urbanization process in China

identities in comparison

architecture against noise

the people’s urbanism

prefabricated construction in Anguix

a map of hutopolis

fixed furniture and fittings

how to use your building

master planning

tierra de cultivo in Gorizia

nature in architecture: choosing the right tree

the process

lecture at the Iterate workshop

3×3 projects in contexts

city visions

aqso and cca awarded for Liuzhou museum

China’s construction: designing the future


W salon opening

open arte-fact exhibited in Beirut

urban design


old is new at Today Art Museum