Each typology is characterized for some particular spatial requirements. We have explored innovative designs in a vast range of architectural programmes.

aqso and cca awarded for Liuzhou museum

The proposal for the new Industrial museum in Liuzhou presented by CCA and AQSO has been awarded the 3rd prize in the restricted competition organised by the local government. The museum is intended to use a 62000 sqm old factory near the Liu river in the second largest city in the Guangxi province (China).

how to use your building

Like any other commodity product, buildings are operated, and they function better and last longer if their users understand them correctly. The building owner’s manual contains the information required for the operation, maintenance, transformation and even demolition of a building.

the significant value of design in real estate

Good design might be treated as a qualitative aspect at first, but when incorporated into the real estate market, it opens a whole realm of possibilities in the quantitative aspects. Studies show that the integration of design in real estate development indeed reaps its rewards in the financial terms if appropriately used.

urbanization process in China

It is not easy to see the sky in Beijing. Sometimes because of the storms, sometimes because of the fog and most of the times because of the tangible pollution surrounding the city the atmosphere becomes a ghostly mass in which the buildings are merely glimpsed. At night the stars cannot be seen, only flashing […]

analysing the customer journey

Circulation in public buildings is a critical factor to consider in the design process. Flow becomes the emblem of the building’s concept and even shapes its form. In simplistic terms, it is how people move and interact with space.

designing with big data

Data is almost inclusive in everything that we do. Statistics show that 90% of it alone came from the last years. Climate sensors, credit swiping, social media updates, emails, digital portfolios, online transactions, actuated louvres and GPS location trackers – from physical to virtual world, we generate information.



city roots

acoustical design in auditoriums

Harvest Home awarded by the IaaC

prefabricated construction in Anguix

hotel lobby, the new social space

the controversy of flat roofs

3×3 projects in contexts

plug and play

architecture for millennials

nature in architecture: choosing the right tree

architecture against noise

key elements of the contemporary urban language

city visions

master planning

W salon opening

social club completed in Tabuyo

learning from Dashilar

fixed furniture and fittings

the value of unconventional thought

starchitecture and cityscape


tierra de cultivo in Gorizia

the people’s urbanism

identities in comparison

urban design

unmade in China

reinterpreting the traditional courtyard house


special mention for atienza hall

lecture at the Iterate workshop

striking ship-like hotel proposed as new Shoreditch landmark

possible architecture

(un)made in China

architecture without context

a map of hutopolis

our analysis of the Chinese market for El País

open arte-fact exhibited in Beirut


architects at work

‘ramp up the mun’ shortlisted for e10

(un)made in China exhibition in Shanghai

China’s construction: designing the future

lecture at the Dashilan design hop

room #21

contemporary city limit

a map of hutopolis

E9 forum in Santiago de Compostela